COART LIGHTING PROJECT - Angie BANYAN TREE HOTEL, showing the charm of oriental aesthetics

COART elaborate lighting production to create a Chinese space experience 

 The banquet hall is a symbol of etiquette. In accordance with this idea, we built a Chinese chandelier custom made lighting. With the concept of "circle" culture, the shape of the chandelier was shaped using a fabric shade. The warm yellow light oozes from it, making people resonate with the oriental culture.

 The luxurious and atmospheric ballroom gives a magnificent sense of grandeur. In the alternating between light and dark styles, COART's customized decorative lamps for Anji BANYAN TREE HOTEL have become the protagonist here and become quite eye-catching.

 In order to strengthen the momentum of the banquet hall, we used a huge flower-shaped art glass ceiling lamp. Glass jewelry is the shining part of this lighting, and the requirements for its material are very demanding. The team is not afraid of the test, meets the challenge, and uses the new processing technology to produce a giant glass hanging ear with strong light transmission, elegant appearance and atmosphere; thus, the light creates a colorful visual feast.

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