COART LIGHTING PROJECT - Angie BANYAN TREE HOTEL, showing the charm of oriental aesthetics


As a world-class resort BANYAN TREE HOTEL with a history of more than 20 years, the hotel is renowned for its leisure features such as hotels, apartment residences and spas. Its branches have more than 83 stores all over the world, attracting many people to go on vacation and enjoy. Now it is a “global famous brand”.


The upcoming opening of Anji BANYAN TREE HOTEL, after eight years of planning and construction, the use of more than 8,000 acres of mountain forests in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, combined with outstanding indoor aesthetics, occupy a very important position in Chinese hotels. It was praised by Mr. Song Weiping, the founder of Greentown Group.


Anji County, at north of Tianmu Mountain, facing Shanghai-Nanjing Hang, surrounded by mountains, surrounded by bamboo, tea garden fragrance. The ecological environment is beautiful, and the “seven mountains, one water and two fields” in the territory are fascinating and beautiful. They are known as the “three clean land” with pure air, clean water and clean soil.


Anji County has a profound history and humanities. It was once an important activity place of the ancient Yue State and the seat of the ancient Shu County, one of the Qin 36 counties.



A tranquil, peaceful resort that combines the charm of oriental art



Built in this area, BANYAN TREE HOTEL has a beautiful environment and absorbs a profound cultural heritage; it has a superior location and convenient transportation. Traveling from Shanghai or Hangzhou within two hours, you can escape from the busy city life and be the ideal place to embrace the fresh nature.


The hotel features 121 rooms and suites, 30 villas, the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa and two restaurants, a lounge and a bar.


With the mission of “Sweet, Yueke, Yuexin, Yuejing, Yueshen”, Anji BANYAN TREE HOTEL incorporates the characteristics of Su-style gardens and Huizhou aesthetics, allowing guests to enjoy the leisure and enjoy the culture with the charm of oriental art together. The lighting decoration is extremely important and can enhance the space style.


However, this time COART HOTEL LIGHTING COMPANY was responsible for the construction of regional lighting, deepening the Chinese feelings in the space, and was highly praised and recognized by the hotel owner. Then, coming up, we will feel the heart of our COART CUSTOM LIGHTING.


The hotel lobby area combines the lobby, leisure bar and public space. The overall style is Chinese style. The bridge is flowing and the winding path is quiet, blending into the natural landscape.


In this leisure space, it shows a black-based, white-assisted style, simple and calm. The project team came to the field and, according to this space effect, a spotlight was placed between the beams. It makes light in warm white / warm light, from the ceiling, creates a sense of space that makes people feel comfortable and spacious.



COART elaborate lighting production to create a Chinese space experience



The banquet hall is a symbol of etiquette. In accordance with this idea, we built a Chinese chandelier custom made lighting. With the concept of "circle" culture, the shape of the chandelier was shaped using a fabric shade. The warm yellow light oozes from it, making people resonate with the oriental culture.

 The banquet hall lighting of banyan tree hotel made by coart lighting

Mark:The banquet hall lighting of banyan tree hotel made by coart lighting


The luxurious and atmospheric ballroom gives a magnificent sense of grandeur. In the alternating between light and dark styles, COART's customized decorative lamps for Anji BANYAN TREE HOTEL have become the protagonist here and become quite eye-catching.


In order to strengthen the momentum of the banquet hall, we used a huge flower-shaped art glass ceiling lamp. Glass jewelry is the shining part of this lighting, and the requirements for its material are very demanding. The team is not afraid of the test, meets the challenge, and uses the new processing technology to produce a giant glass hanging ear with strong light transmission, elegant appearance and atmosphere; thus, the light creates a colorful visual feast.


The Chinese-style lobby and the box-style architectural style combine the restraint of Chinese architecture with the relaxation of Southeast Asian resort architecture. The wooden structure is designed to infiltrate the simplicity of the Huizhou style and the lightness of the Su-style style, highlighting the traditional Chinese art color.


According to this idea, in these areas, the chandeliers customized by our team are unique. The bespoke chandelier lighting uses a marble-like lampshade that looks like a lantern and has a traditional taste. The marble on the lampshade is carefully polished and very smooth. The light shines out, highlights the texture, blend the traditional introverted spirit with the relaxed atmosphere of the holiday, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and coziness when you experience the space atmosphere.



Embrace nature and release the mind between the landscapes



The guest rooms are built with the concept of space cascading, privacy and relaxation, and natural elements. The interior is made of stone and wood. The walls also have looming gold-grain lines, which can be seen in the mountains and enjoy the courtyard view and valley scenery.


The ingenious application of the guest room lighting has become the crowning touch, and the style and the room are integrated to provide guests with a relaxing place to relax, so that body, mind and spirit can be released here. In order to achieve this effect, we installed a bedside lamp with a strong oriental culture. External light stand, we use exquisite craftsmanship to create a chic shape. The fabric lampshade inside is made of high quality, and the warm white light shines through it, stroking this area, elegant and warm.

the guest room lighting of banyan tree hotel made by coart besoke lighting

The guest room lighting of banyan tree hotel made by coart besoke lighting


In addition to the above hotel area, the space in the all-day dining room and elevator hall is also inseparable from the embellishment of the custom made lamps. In accordance with different indoor characteristics, we have given the lamp a variety and deepened the charm of Chinese aesthetics.

 BANYAN TREE HOTEL is a place away from the hustle and bustle of the world, where the original scenery is unforgettable. The art of COART lighting, with a professional attitude and meticulous production, has increased the spatial environment effect with oriental cultural heritage.

 The decorative lighting projects we have built are all carefully planned by the team. With years of experience, we are striving to interpret high-quality visual experiences. All about custom made lighting support, welcome to visit our web:, or email us for anything on besoke lighting, email: