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Aug 17
Posted in hotel and hospitality lighting manufacturer coart By fan zigang
To:  designer / who cares the lighting business' growth
We, all know that, during the COVID-19, everything is changed!
Something important on CUSTOM DECOR LIGHTING, like:
The customers would like the lighting at lower price/budget, but same design and quality as before Covid-19 !
The customers want to get the custom lighting at stable and guaranteed shipment during Covid-19.
The lighting market is becoming small, and more competitive, how to survive and make win during and after Covid-19 ? 
The competitors were, are, and will to do what and how to do on the custom lighting during / after Covid-19 effect ?
The suggestion / ideas for custom lighting business, it is better to look at and check the lighting chain globally during Covid-19. 
The final, and the best answer is MADE IN CHINA.
We advise you that, there is a China custom hospitality lighting manufacturer, Co-art light, can help you to solve all the problems you meet now.
It can supply a totally solution for custom made lighting on hospitality lighting projects, For more details needed, you can check its website,
and send an email ( for more information you would like to know.
Any custom decor lighting is available from China factory, with world class design quality.
A sample, and an trial order, will say anything what you care.
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Aug 06
Posted in hotel and hospitality lighting manufacturer coart By XIAOBB

Big disclosure! Go into the Coart light factory and see that...

Original: GZ lighting newspaper. June,2018


Walk into the factory COART LIGHT FACTORY.

In the field of crystal candle lights, the Coart light is a mainstay, with a distinct category label, a lot of praise, and more praise focusing on the affirmation of the personal integrity of BOSS JAMES, the enterprise's rudder. And focus on products and the spirit of craftsmen. People familiar with Coart light know the spokesperson for the BOSS JAMES equivalent brand, his charm, his sagacity, his brilliant talent and his brilliant integration into the glittering and glittering products, reflecting the brilliance of glory.

As we all know, the crystal light of Coart light is elegant and outstanding, China is in the style of outstanding, gold and jade, it is valuable in the process of improving the quality of the material, all follow the high standard of high color, this period into the factory column, field shooting to prove that Coart light adheres to what kind of ingenuity and technological standards.

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Jul 18
Posted in News on hotel and hospitality lighting By fan zigang


COART LIGHTING PROJECT - Angie BANYAN TREE HOTEL, showing the charm of oriental aesthetics

COART elaborate lighting production to create a Chinese space experience 

 The banquet hall is a symbol of etiquette. In accordance with this idea, we built a Chinese chandelier custom made lighting. With the concept of "circle" culture, the shape of the chandelier was shaped using a fabric shade. The warm yellow light oozes from it, making people resonate with the oriental culture.

 The luxurious and atmospheric ballroom gives a magnificent sense of grandeur. In the alternating between light and dark styles, COART's customized decorative lamps for Anji BANYAN TREE HOTEL have become the protagonist here and become quite eye-catching.

 In order to strengthen the momentum of the banquet hall, we used a huge flower-shaped art glass ceiling lamp. Glass jewelry is the shining part of this lighting, and the requirements for its material are very demanding. The team is not afraid of the test, meets the challenge, and uses the new processing technology to produce a giant glass hanging ear with strong light transmission, elegant appearance and atmosphere; thus, the light creates a colorful visual feast.

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Jun 28
Posted in News on hotel and hospitality lighting By fan zigang

This new hotel is located in putuo mountain. Looking out the landing window of the hotel, you can see the view of the mountain and sea all day. The hotel has 378 rooms, 4 restaurants, galleries, tea coffee corridor and lobby bar, 24-hour room service, spa, indoor swimming pool and fitness center, children's entertainment center, chess room, gift shop, guaranteed to meet customer demand in a timely manner.
Lobby and lobby lounge lighting made by coart light.
Located on the east coast of China in one of 400 islands, putuo mountain has become a unique setting for the hotel. The interior design of the hotel is also inspired by the surrounding scenery, which can be interpreted through flowing shapes, patterns of carpets and forms of chandeliers, including the texture of fabric.

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Jun 22
Posted in hotel and hospitality lighting manufacturer coart By JJ

Lin fengnian's new work -- Hong Kong's magnificent hotel

Top hotels union and hotels lighting manufacturer coart lighting

The luxury brand rosewood hotel will open its first hotel in Hong Kong in 2018. It will be located in the former new world centre of Salisbury road, Tsim Sha Tsui, with a magnificent view of Victoria harbour. Hong Kong magnificent hotel will be dominated by new world development co., LTD has the comprehensive building of 27 floors to the top of building architectural style and its dazzling light effect, will become a new landmark of the Hong Kong skyline bright.


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Jun 21
Posted in hotel and hospitality lighting manufacturer coart By JJ

W hotel returns to the Australian market and Brisbane W hotel makes a new appearance

Supplied by China top hotel & hospitality lighting manufacturer coart custom lighting company.


Marriott international recently announced the return of its luxury brand W hotel to Australia - Brisbane W hotel brand new appearance. The W Brisbane hotel, built by the Shayher group, is located in a prime location overlooking the Brisbane river, adding a touch of glamour to the southeast Queensland state of sunshine.


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Jun 19
Posted in hotel and hospitality lighting manufacturer coart By JJ

Report on high-end hotel brand development in May 2018

Collected by China top hotel and hospitality lighting supplier coart custom lighting Company

More than 10 high-end hotels opened in the domestic market in May. Blackstone has resold its stake in Hilton after mino bought a 30 million stake in NH Hotel. More than 83 percent of high-end hotel brands have improved their influence.


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Jun 18
Posted in News on hotel and hospitality lighting By fan zigang

Luxury select hotel of a castle in dalian HBA interior design June 22, 2018, luxury hotel lighting supplied by China hotel and hospitality lighting factory coart light Originally a landmark building in dalian, xinghai bay castle was built in 2002. For a long time, it was used for little other than a small shell exhibition hall. The castle project was launched in 2009 and completed in five years. The converted castle has been described by the daily mail as a "real-life Disney castle" and the special hotel has been named by CNN as one of the "top 10 bond-themed hotels in the world". With starwood hotels and resorts international group in charge of brand operation and management, it is the first hotel in northeast China for luxury select brands. The dome of the lobby is made of translucent glass, which allows natural light to flow gently down the hall.

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