Report on high-end hotel brand development in May

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More than 10 high-end hotels opened in the domestic market in May. Blackstone has resold its stake in Hilton after mino bought a 30 million stake in NH Hotel. More than 83 percent of high-end hotel brands have improved their influence.


(I) the high-end hotel market has exploded

2017 national tourism revenue of 5.4 trillion yuan, up 15.1% from a year earlier, background, development and prosperity of tourism economy represented by high-end hotels in tourist lodging industry market into a period of rapid development. So far, the domestic high-end hotels brand chaining rate of only 11% of the market, and to the American market as much as 70% of chaining, each big brand in China market there is still big into space.


In may, more than 10 high-end hotels opened in China. In addition to marriott, intercontinental, Hilton, hyatt, and other brands, more luxury hotels are beginning to develop centrally. This month, Club Med launched a new series of products, "Club Med Joyview", in China, and landed in beidaihe for the first time. Bulgari is about to open its second hotel in China. After the steady development in 2017, the high-end hotel market will see a full explosion in 2018.

From the current scale of opening hotels, most international high-end hotels have about 300 rooms, while domestic high-end hotels have about 200 rooms, mainly small and medium-sized hotels. In terms of regional distribution, first-tier cities, provincial capitals and tourist cities are still the priority of high-end hotel development.

In addition, from the signing of high-end hotels this month, international high-end hotel brands are further boosting the Chinese market, and expanding their focus to the western regions. Domestic high-end hotel groups are further exporting their brands overseas.

(2) emerging capital forces in the international high-end market

As the most closely integrated part of the capital market, high-end brand hotels always play an important role in property appreciation. In addition to the added value brought by its excellent operation ability, high-end hotel brands and groups are also engaged in frequent acquisition and acquisition activities, so as to expand their own sections and promote the development of enterprises.

Hna sold the Hilton stake in April after acquiring a 25 per cent stake from blackstone in 2016. Blackstone sold 15.8m of its Hilton shares again this month, making capital in the international high-end hotel market more active. In addition to the Hilton's sell-off, marriott timeshare vacation for $4.7 billion acquisition ILG co., LTD., in cash and stock, miele international group 30 million shares at 192 million euros for NH hotel group. International high-end hotel brands are stepping up their business expansion. It is expected that the global hotel market will be further intensified in 2018.

(3) the love of OTA

Global hotel chains have become more sensitive to otas in the past two years. Against the background of increasingly strong OTA traffic advantage, most hotel groups are relatively weak. However, a growing number of hotel groups have joined negotiations with otas since marriott took public steps to cut booking fees in early 2018.

Beauty leah hotel group announced this month with the company to achieve a strategic partnership, the technology to its leah hotel accommodation reservation in the United States and its group of more than 550 airlines flight booking, one of the partners, to promote the hotel group's needs and income growth. Ihg, meanwhile, said it would cut its intermediary fees to 7 per cent, which could have an impact on its revenues in the us and Canada. As far as the relationship between hotels and otas is concerned, for most small and medium-sized hotel groups, the cooperation with OTA will promote the revenue growth of enterprises. For groups that already have a mature membership system, their right to negotiate with OTA is gradually increased, and their dependence on online travel booking platform is relatively reduced.

However, it is undeniable that the huge online traffic entrance of online travel booking platform still plays an important role in hotel revenue.

Focus on brand cases


Potential customer focus - Hilton/orange crystal

On the search index reflecting the potential consumer attention, Hilton this month with an orange crystal search index reached 110.48 and 15.53 respectively, is currently the most popular brand of international high-end hotel potential customers and domestic high-end hotel brand. MTA hopes to further understand the potential demand in the entire high-end market by analyzing the potential consumer concerns of the two brands.


Hilton brand potential customer group attention

Source: baidu index

Orange crystal brand potential customers group attention
Source: baidu index

From Hilton with orange crystal may search, domestic high-end brand with the international high-end hotel brand is still a certain gap, and on the regional distribution, the potential customers are concentrated in coastal areas and cities, the city is currently the main objects of high-end hotel brand development.

However, from the perspective of their potential customer focus, the competition between international high-end hotel brands is more fierce, and the target customer groups of each brand are similar. Due to the wide coverage of domestic hotel groups' product lines, the potential customers of each brand are more loyal to the group under the brand.

Media attention - intercontinental/jinjiang

In terms of media attention, ihg and jinjiang have continued to rise in the index in the last quarter, and have become the two most closely watched brands in May. Among them, intercontinental media index reaches 153.17, jinjiang media index reaches 105.54.


After the acquisition of regent hotels group in March, intercontinental has officially entered the previously vacant luxury hotel segment. Currently, ihg operates nine major brands, more than 330 hotels and more than 100,000 guest rooms in greater China. In may, intercontinental signed 10 new hotels in China, mainly in the western part of the country, further demonstrating its ambition to expand in China. In addition to accelerating expansion in China, intercontinental has announced a cut in commission rates in the us and Canadian hotel markets to improve customer experience. A number of initiatives have received widespread media attention.

Compared with the active market atmosphere of international high-end hotels, the domestic hotel market is relatively stable. As one of the three domestic hotel groups, jinjiang has maintained a high level of media influence with its innovative brands and diversified product systems. The domestic high-end hotel brand jinjiang, which received the most media attention this month, has also maintained a steady growth of media attention in recent months.

Actual customer focus - delta/two rivers holiday

In addition to the attention of potential customers and industry media attention, reflect the real customers to consumption in the aspects of public opinion on the index, the most outstanding performance this month two brands is delta and liangjiang holiday, the public opinion may index was 82.26 and 82.26, respectively, from last month increase 309.25% and 194.44% respectively.

Delta and liangjiang holiday are two new brands that were included in MBI monitoring of the maidian brand index in April, a significant improvement over last month's sentiment index. As a high-end full-service hotel brand owned by marriott, delta entered the asia-pacific market for the first time in January and opened its first hotel in Shanghai. Since its opening, the delta hotel has received over 100 comments and 91 percent of them. With the acceleration of its expansion in the Chinese market, its actual consumer group will further expand.

Concentration distribution in the southwest region, on the other hand, the liangjiang holiday brand its cumulative reviews on otas may count more than ten thousand, although the rate is only 88%, but its influence in chongqing, guizhou and other places still have greater advantage.

Outstanding operation - marriott/puyin

In terms of the performance of the operating index in May, the data on marriott brands owned by marriott international group and pu Yin brands owned by shoudu rujia are more prominent. This month marriott's operating index was 99.34, while puyin's was 71.28.

In may, marriott downloaded more than 500,000 apps and more than 1,000 WeChat articles. In high-end hotel market, while building our scale and influence of Cain was less mainstream brand in the market, but on Beijing capital tourism home inns hotel group huge member system and management ability, building public opinion of Cain index compared last month also have improved, its weibo, micro letter operating relatively active.

(v) may high-end hotel market brand influence list


In this month Max point research institute (MTA) released the latest exclusive "in May 2018 China hotel industry international high-end/domestic high-end brand power list", intercontinental, Hilton, marriott, sheraton, shangri-la, crowne plaza, hyatt, the four seasons, W hotel, grand hyatt ten brand has become the international high-end hotel brands need this month; The top 10 domestic high-end hotel brands are jinjiang, hna, country garden phoenix, orange crystal, kaiyuan mingdu, kaiyuan hotel, jianguo, jinling, xiangtou sunshine and Evergrande.

There are 83 international high-end brands and 81 domestic high-end brands in the list. Of those brands, 83 per cent saw their influence rise from the previous month, while 43 per cent ranked higher.

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