Luxury select hotel of a castle in dalian

HBA interior design June 22, 2018,

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Originally a landmark building in dalian, xinghai bay castle was built in 2002. For a long time, it was used for little other than a small shell exhibition hall. The castle project was launched in 2009 and completed in five years. The converted castle has been described by the daily mail as a "real-life Disney castle" and the special hotel has been named by CNN as one of the "top 10 bond-themed hotels in the world". With starwood hotels and resorts international group in charge of brand operation and management, it is the first hotel in northeast China for luxury select brands. The dome of the lobby is made of translucent glass, which allows natural light to flow gently down the hall. The glass is carved with beautiful patterns, forming the reflection effect of the prism. Sunlight passed through the prism, leaving little rainbows on the floor of the lobby. The staircase armrest in the lobby is plated with gold under the armrest and copper on the gold in order to create a dark visual sense. Show attention to detail. Built by the HBA team, the luxurious select hotel of dalian castle is designed with elements from various European cultures to create the hotel design. Inspired by the new swan castle built by the German king Ludwig ii in Bavaria, it continues its romantic and luxurious style. Dalian side castle luxury collection hotel with top design concept fusion of global collect art treasures, will appear the continental style castle in China north winds, romantic beach avenue to let this romantic fairy tale castle again went into people's life. The 69 pieces of furniture, lamps and works of art that the hotel collects from the European auction are all in the style of the 18th century palace. From wall decoration, furniture selection to art collection, every design detail is meticulous. The hotel has 292 guest rooms and suites and 67 apartments, either near the sea or near the mountains. By the window of the sea-view room, you can see the sunset reflected on the starry bay. You can see the scenery on the bridge. No matter be from metope adornment, furniture choice to artwork collect, behind every design detail hides a paragraph of story, the artistic charm of Bavarian type is engraved on dalian lianhua mountain afresh.