W hotel returns to the Australian market and Brisbane W hotel makes a new appearance

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Marriott international recently announced the return of its luxury brand W hotel to Australia - Brisbane W hotel brand new appearance. The W Brisbane hotel, built by the Shayher group, is located in a prime location overlooking the Brisbane river, adding a touch of glamour to the southeast Queensland state of sunshine.

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Brisbane is eager for novelty while developing rapidly, which is undoubtedly the ideal location for W hotel, which is dedicated to building a new lifestyle. On the river is located in the city's central business district of Brisbane W hotel, provide contrast to the integration of the region characteristic history - hotel design adopts the flora and fauna indigenous amorous feelings and Queensland's iconic elements, creating the atmosphere of native and do not break, known as Australia's "Las Vegas" (Brisvegas) features of modern life style.
Hotel to wit play interesting local humanistic perspective, the high speed of urban style and modern design into hotel experiences, help guests deeply feel the city's vibrant culture and characteristic of experience at night.

"Pleasant climate all year round, outdoor lifestyle in Brisbane is rising rapidly, to become the world's guests preferred tourist destinations, and this is W hotel choice" sunshine state "as a brand to return to the Australian market." Marriott international luxury brands and brand marketing, vice President of Asia Pacific region Bruce Ryde said, "the Brisbane river river with its fashionable vigor atmosphere attracts the travelers around the world, it is with the W hotel bold design and reshape the contemporary luxury brand mission to bring out the best in each other."

Nic Graham & Associates, the acclaimed local interior design studio, has brought innovative designs and custom interiors to the W hotel in Brisbane. In recent years, the modernization construction of the Brisbane River is to push the region into the whole city entertainment center, the design of the hotel is about the region's new boom and adjacent to the famous art district, superposition of Australia and the UK local traditional culture elements, vividly embodies the "dream of the River" (A River, Dreaming) design theme.

The first impression
Guests from the time of arrival can feel the charm of hotel space: from reed woven stairs yingbin area and tide hall (i.e., W hotel of the innovation of the traditional hotel lobby interpretation), colorful carpet, style harmony of metope depicts the local flora and fauna in subtropical environments, desktop and bars at the front desk of erosion cliffs put curved shape decoration is modern, the opening in the center of the area covered with green grass, make the guests to the hotel innovation interpretation of the local natural atmosphere. Further to other hotel public areas, peculiar to Australia is filling the air around the earth is tonal, sediment, scattered unique native original aesthetic elements, such as linear edge and boldly into the Australian famous artist John Nicholson, Lucas Grogan and Reko Rennie colorful art characteristics, such as creating a sensory journey across time and space.

The walls of the hotel's guest rooms and suites are based on VJ wall panels in traditional queenslanders' homes and are equipped with 45-litre round drums designed to provide guests with a "aboriginal" experience. The eclectic blue or pink pineapple sculpture is decorated in golden detail, complementing the stylish grey tones and bold, interesting designs that pervade the room. In the "Extreme WOW suite" located on the 33rd floor (that is, the modern interpretation of the traditional presidential suite by W brand), the modern design concept is fully used to reinterpret the vast panorama of Brisbane river, mountains and rivers.

Savor the culture and sneak into the sunshine
The hotel has created three different restaurants and bars for food and cocktail lovers. As the hotel's signature restaurant, Three Blue Ducks are inspired by local features and incorporate them into everything from menus to decor. Earth tones with natural material and local natural landscape from afar and fluent line as meandering river, while green and fancy furniture show the primeval powers of the local. Screen door can get a good view of the mount coot-tha, the magnificence of the south bank and Brisbane river landscape, and let the sunshine shed in and can also be to covered balcony, lead the guests to enjoy alfresco dining experience.

Living Room draw inspiration from a long tradition of Brisbane, bar and workbench zigzag shape is like a Brisbane river meandering waterways iconic, primary colors of concrete columns with the Australian wild breath magnificent landscape. Behind the striking bar, semi-tropical murals and metal "blades" hanging from the ceiling feature native vegetation. The bold and striking design of the carpet highlights local handicraft traditions and superb craftsmanship.

WET ® pool terrace fresh decoration style also is closely connected with the local culture and natural beauty. Palm leaves are silhouetted against the bottom of the pool, and the custom striking patterns make the island bar stand and sit areas stand out from the crowd.

"The increasing maturity of Brisbane's urban development has created a precondition for the entry of W hotel." Brisbane W hotel general manager Haldon Philp says, "adhering to the W hotel landmark/on demand at any time (Whatever/Whenever ®) idea, provides the omni-directional service for the guests, Brisbane W hotel will not only to fully demonstrate the city's energy and brand four major elements of fashion, design, music and vitality (the brand's unique fitness philosophy), the combination of more reached including Three Blue Ducks relations of cooperation, which will make us in the local market of its own."

Attend the event and surprise the whole audience
Brisbane W hotel is the first hotel in Queensland with world-renowned audio-visual equipment. Its 1,100 square meters of activity space will meet the needs of the conference organizers. Among them, the design of the 595 square meter Great Room is ingenious -- it takes the winding Brisbane river as inspiration to create an indoor space that extends arbitrarily. 260 gleaming chandeliers are a true reflection of the stars of Queensland. High-tech lighting equipment and 4-meter-long LED walls provide exciting event performance and conference display opportunities for customers. In addition, multi-functional conference rooms such as Studio and Strategy are designed with floor-to-ceiling Windows and private balconies. Guests can also enjoy magnificent river views and sunbathing in Queensland while working hard.

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Vitality blooms, never wearies
Quiet AWAY ® spa is located in the fifth floor, through widespread use ivory white, grey cloth art sofa, and the ornament of greenery, build give a kind of pure and fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

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