Coart lighting - star alliance new store opening.

writer: Lu xun 

Chinese design trend, the rapid development of both ideas and ideology, people pay more attention to dig to the requirement of design can correspond to the needs of the spiritual identity and design itself should have humanistic care. At the beginning of the case design for the design of the villa into the premise that refused to a person of extraordinary powers curtilage "empty" under the configuration, with extreme and the design of the essence, for the space each layer gives its unique function and the corresponding interest connotation, this is an exclusive of quiet space, is an extension of family life space, also is the dream of people's heart was exalted. The floor window of the sitting room is large scale the natural scenery that outdoor greenery is full of greenery is introduced indoor, the choice of furniture style is dominated by the contemporary style that is straight and straight and erect; However, the screen and decorative paintings are replaced by Chinese style, with the theme of freehand brushwork and the theme of splashing ink. Imported velvet cloth, crystal ornaments and metal temperament fusion, deduct into space. The design of the restaurant is compatible with the large family diners etiquette and civilian feelings, in beige tone, the crystal droplight of bright, style of special order solid wood table, dining chair, metal screen and contemporary Chinese porcelain, antique dialogue in the same space, unique aesthetic metaphor and tolerance. Complete business and life function area, set up tea room, meeting room and bedroom. Teahouse design with a new technique of zen to the east of "gods" and "shape" of the west collide and generate dialogue, minimalist line goes with the color of quietly elegant and representational shows more latitude and depth of space aesthetics, let a space have unlimited artistic conception.

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