Hilton zhoushan hotel

HBA interior design and hotel lighting supplier coart lighting 2018-03-01

This new hotel is located in putuo mountain. Looking out the landing window of the hotel, you can see the view of the mountain and sea all day. The hotel has 378 rooms, 4 restaurants, galleries, tea coffee corridor and lobby bar, 24-hour room service, spa, indoor swimming pool and fitness center, children's entertainment center, chess room, gift shop, guaranteed to meet customer demand in a timely manner.

Located on the east coast of China in one of 400 islands, putuo mountain has become a unique setting for the hotel. The interior design of the hotel is also inspired by the surrounding scenery, which can be interpreted through flowing shapes, patterns of carpets and forms of chandeliers, including the texture of fabric.

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Buddhist elements, lotus patterns and fishing villages are incorporated into the hotel's art, fabric and screen designs. All of these interior design elements are included in the modern design, enabling customers to rest comfortably in this unique hotel.