Big disclosure! Go into the Coart light factory and see that... Original: GZ lighting newspaper. June,2018. Walk into the factory COART LIGHT FACTORY. In the field of crystal candle lights, the Coart light is a mainstay, with a distinct category label, a lot of praise, and more praise focusing on the affirmation of the personal integrity of BOSS JAMES, the enterprise's rudder. And focus on products and the spirit of craftsmen. People familiar with Coart light know the spokesperson for the BOSS JAMES equivalent brand, his charm, his sagacity, his brilliant talent and his brilliant integration into the glittering and glittering products, reflecting the brilliance of glory.

As we all know, the crystal light of Coart light is elegant and outstanding, China is in the style of outstanding, gold and jade, it is valuable in the process of improving the quality of the material, all follow the high standard of high color, this period into the factory column, field shooting to prove that Coart light adheres to what kind of ingenuity and technological standards.


The exhibition hall hangs the shape: after the new sample first hangs in the factory's exhibition hall after the collective discussion and the research, accepts JAMES's determination. Often a designer of a lamp type thinks that everything is perfect. JAMES is faced with it and a sentence is pushed back. Large to the light body modeling structure, small to crystal pendant, ceaselessly in the BOSS JAMES survey was denied, adjusted, even the stove, changed to change ten to be accustomed to. JAMES is thinking about the problems of the new product: BOSS JAMES is a very strong person with a strong personal will, a designer, the grasp and capture of the trend of lighting is beyond the ordinary people, and the ideas and collisions that often come out are like the magic pen, so the designers admire and submit to him. The BOSS JAMES plans to decorate a complete exhibition hall in the factory, the third floor is decorated in the pattern of the foreign house, complete the imitation of the door market with the scene display, so as to better treat the new items for the ultimate pursuit and reach the perfect. Factories are not allowed to display. They are not allowed to enter the retail market. Even if the market, BOSS JAMES also toss up the workers, he will be based on the different furnishings of the scene repeatedly to consider, the best match, the new style of hanging in which area is good? How much is the height? Which scenario shows the best effect, and so on, until the middle of the night, until satisfaction is the golden harvest.


Crystal complete inspection: Coart light crystal hanger strictly selected K9 material, crystal material to realize the full inspection system, each small crystal with wrapping paper cover, so as to avoid damage during the handling process.

crystal glass lighting

Polishing process: the new style through the design of sample, finish the rough billet, enter the polishing link, the factory made three sand two anesthesia process no dare to break, are strictly in accordance with the requirements from coarse sand to fine sand carefully grinding, until smooth and smooth gloss of people so far.


Metal plated parts: the polished material is embedded in the special iron frame and sent to the electroplating factory. According to Bora factory He Zong introduced, iron frame charging practice lighting industry only Coart light one used. The advantages are obvious, can effectively avoid the polishing parts in the transport process of the secondary mutual scratch and deformation, affect the plating effect.


Environmental protection facilities: Coart light in environmental protection does not sacrifice the environment at the cost of environmental protection in strict accordance with the national environmental protection measures, environmental protection system work for one month, only the electricity cost of more than one hundred thousand yuan. The ventilation and dust removal pipes are cleaned by a special person every day.


Bao Lai electroplating workshop: into the factory column group in order to pursue the truth, drive to Dongguan Humen Lantau Peak rich picture Industrial District Bao Lai electroplating factory, field interview and shooting. Bao Lai electroplating factory is a professional electroplating manufacturer of Wen Mingzhu triangle, with high materials, strict operation, far beyond the technology level, multi selection of lighting brand and cooperation with Bao, in order to achieve the ideal quality effect. The Coart light electroplating workshop was set up in the Bora factory, and the two sides had established an alliance relationship very early.


Electroplating: General He of Baolai Electroplating Factory led the column group to visit Baolai Electroplating Treatment Workshop, introducing the differences and advantages of the factory one by one.

Electroplating parts: in order to meet the high standard and high quality requirements of customers, we are constantly investing in new equipment. Coart light's plating material, using American amp brightener, Taiwan paint two times sealing glaze, ensure that the Coart light products are not eroded by the external environment, long will not oxidize the excellent quality. After two times of 120-350 hours of salt plating, the salt spray test was intact. This glaze sealing process is like automotive glaze, automotive primer under the protection of the glaze layer, the sun and rain for a long time is not afraid. The finished product of electroplating can be learned, and the other plants are usually soaked for 10 minutes, and the Coart light material is strictly controlled in 20-40 minutes. In the large number of electroplating business, the processing of sour copper cylinder is mostly referred to.


24 K gold plating cylinder: silver plating, 18 K gold, 24K gold cylinder volume smaller than other cylinder volume, He Zong introduced, 24K genuine gold products can go to the authority of the third party authentication institutions at any time to verify, which, Coart light products are plated 24 K gold demand, chrome plating gold, gold plated silver will not come to half empty space. Inspection before returning to the factory: After returning to the factory by full-time quality inspectors 100% strict acceptance, qualified before receiving goods. The seemingly flawless electroplated parts were directly listed as defective products and reprocessed in the eyes of the quality inspectors.


Packing material: Coart light is the best material used in the industry. There are glass lampshade plants, die-casting factory, packing plant and complete ecological chain in the self built industrial park, which ensures the order and quality of production to the greatest extent. The director of Coart light's factory took an empty box and stood on it. The carton had no deformation and the quality was excellent and tough.



Crystal lamp consists of crystal parts and lamp arm, lamp body, lampshade and package material. The production process is divided into two parts and back: the first half is made up of design / opening / beating / adjustment / out of sample; the second half is mainly composed of two major processes of polishing and electroplating. The first half of the effort is time-consuming and laborious, the last step of a lamp to the link, the effect is not good, the middle needs through the reverse repeated adjustment and modification, the final appearance of the results are not satisfactory, it is possible to abandon the effort, announce abortion. The polishing quality of Coart light is praised in the lighting industry, and every accessory is strictly tossed in accordance with the operation process of three sand and two hemp.


The Coart light crystal lamp has two iron laws strictly observed.

The first is the selection of material, the high is not low, copper alloy is with copper containing more than 60% of the national standard 59I copper, and regularly send samples to the South China University of Technology laboratory tests; aluminum alloy with the industry's rare 680 tons of heavy press die casting molding. High tonnage die casting has high density and good material.

The second iron law is that plating process only requires quality regardless of cost, by the line of electroplating process fascinating Dongguan Baolai electroplating plant designated service. Although the cost of plating is higher than that of the surrounding electroplating factories, it will not hesitate to pay more. The excellent plating technology and high standard material of the Bora electroplating factory guarantee the outstanding Coart light plating process. The superiority of the material determines the stability and virtuous of the product structure. The excellent process is related to the appearance of the product, the stability of the color, the two lips and the teeth, the lips and the cold.