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hotel table lamp in Brushed chrome Nickel metal and fabric shade new design with outlet USB and switch madie by china hotel lighting manufacturer coart item 115201804435

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hotel table lamp in Brushed chrome Nickel metal and fabric shade new design with outlet USB and switch made by china hotel bespoke lighting manufacturer coart item 115201804435

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hotel table lamp in Brushed chrome Nickel metal and fabric shade new design with outlet USB and switch BY CHINA CUSTOM MADE LIGHTING MANUFACTURER COART LIGHT....

Hotel table lamp in Brushed chrome Nickel metal and fabric shade new design with outlet USB and switch by China hotel custom made lighting manufacturer Coart light.


ITEM NO.: 115201804435 


 1,Brand Name: coart.

2, Place of Origin: China (factory directly )

3,Material: quality metal, fabric shade, quality electric parts.

4, Finish/Color: Brushed Nickel / chrome/other finish custom made available.

 5, lighting Size: customized size is available, COMMON SIZE PLS GO TO EMAIL US: COART008@GAMIL.COM, OR visit .

 6,Style: Contemporary, and shade can be changed as per your style.

 7, Light Source: LED E14/E27 (NOT SUPPLY BULBS).


 9, Quality: for 5 stars hotel use.

 10, Service: custom made service.

 11, MOQ: 100pcs in common. Negotiable quantity for Custom made items

 12, Warranty: All our lighting supply 1 years warranty in common use.


What is a custom lamp?

Customize the lamps and lanterns, it is the be fond of according to the customer, the need of space design, or the needs of the regional culture, hopes to show the lamp is unique guest preferences, space adornment effect needs and features of local culture and special customized production of lamps and lanterns.

Customized services according to different environment of lamps and lanterns and users choose different way of lighting and lamps adornment effect, using the different characteristics of the light source, with appropriate intensity of illumination and decoration materials, build an infectious space environment, provide professional custom lamps and lanterns design services.


Why should the lamps be customized?

In the upscale office lighting, villa lighting, high-grade hotels catering, real estate example room illumination, villa lighting scheme when the choice, many of them need lighting custom, not the style of customization to fit in the space, size, and personalized needs.



Quality requirements for raw materials and materials commonly used in customized lighting:

Crystal (China)

High grade China K9 crystal beads Pbo≥20%, crystal.

Hardware (electroplating)

Shanghai baosteel brand high quality steel, steel surface finishing polishing four plating treatment. Anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-oxidation

Copper (plating)

Jiangxi dexing copper mine high quality copper material, through die - casting forming. Copper surface finish polished four-layer electroplating treatment. Anti - corrosion, wear - resistant, anti - oxidation

Aluminium alloy (plating)

It is made of high quality aluminum and formed by die casting. The profile surface is polished by four layers of electroplating. It is anti-corrosion, wear-resisting and anti-oxidation

Stainless steel

Japan mitsubishi brand 304 stainless steel, anti - corrosion, wear - resistant, anti - oxidation, easy to clean

Resin (spray paint)

It is made of high quality epoxy resin with three layers of spray paint on the surface. It is anti-corrosive, wear-resistant and anti-oxidation

Wood (spray paint)

It is made of high quality solid wood, which is processed and shaped by lathe, and the surface is treated with three layers of spray paint


High quality boron material crystal glass tube mould forming. Good light transmittance, texture, easy to clean

Lamp shade

Choose high quality (PVC,PC, PP, PS) cloth, have super fire retardant characteristic. Resist ultraviolet ray, use for a long time not easy change color

The wire

CCC/UL/CE/VDE/CUL mandatory certification high temperature flame retardant line


Spanish imported transparent dolomite, the machine tool processing and shaping. Good transparency, texture, easy to clean.


Mitsubishi brand quality acrylic products imported from Japan. Good light transmittance, easy to clean, bright color.

Optical fiber

High quality plastic bag fiber, colorful, soft color, energy saving, durable, no heat, no pollution.


 High quality LED lamp belt, long life, high light efficiency, low radiation, low power consumption.


Use high quality glazed pottery, surface bright and delicate, rich color, easy to clean.



Key points in the whole process of lighting customization

How can we ensure that the lighting manufacturer can provide the perfect lighting customization service? Now let's analyze the whole process of lighting customization.

 1, lamps and lanterns custom require full contact and communication between client and designer, to inform the designer own interests as well as the style, so designer will according to the actual situation of project space to develop a reasonable lamps and lanterns is customized programs.

 2. When necessary, the designer can take the client to visit the sample exhibition hall of customized lamps and lanterns, and then inspect the production process of lamps and lanterns, and communicate with the client about the current popular trends. After communication, the designer has a general understanding of the customer's requirements, and then the preliminary plan for the customization of lamps can be determined. After the design is completed, the client will be asked to confirm it.

 3 measure the actual position and size of lamps and lanterns, the designer, such as the installation position of lamps and lanterns, put the position, the designer from the perspective of multidimensional measure of the location of lamps and lanterns, to achieve accurate measurement. At the same time, the lamps and lanterns that pay attention to place custom even and the furniture that surround, adornment or hang piece photograph collocation is tie-in, accord with colorific tie-in change and visual change.

 4, designers, can according to the actual measurement result map conforms to the requirements of the drawings, then carries on the preliminary plan to communicate with customers, and for not satisfied place can ask designer to change until the customer satisfaction; Designers can arrange factory production, the lamps and lanterns of custom solutions and customize the details and the specific requirements of lamps and lanterns with production personnel account, to ensure that the workshop will be effected according to the lamps and lanterns to Ann design drawings production.

 5. During the customization process, the manufacturer and the customer should negotiate about materials and surface treatment. After the customization is completed, the manufacturer will invite the customer to conduct on-site acceptance.


Analysis on the whole process of lighting customization:

Participate in the customization of the prophase work of lamps and lanterns to communicate with customers grasp the product requirements and matters needing attention to customers to determine the scheme under the production orders, product refinement and structure design to communicate with customers, confirm the color and structure design of construction drawing to the early stage of the hardware processing, into the surface treatment of the production and the product completed to invite customers to factory inspection (or send the product photos to confirm) to on time through the logistics delivery, installation, customer archive, after-sales service.



Why the top custom made lighting manufacturer is coart custom lighting:


 1. 20 years of professional lighting customization service, more than 100 five-star hotel projects experience!

 2. Regular brand lamps and lanterns customization manufacturers, ensure that the sales products are the first source of goods, for you to save costs!

 3. The professional product design team provides customized solutions for you, and is deeply loved by customers.

 4. Perfect after-sales service system can solve all your worries!


Coart custom lighting trading items:

 A, Price: up to the quantity and custom made craftworks.

 B, Lead-time: normally is 25 days after get deposit.

 C, Payment: in order to high-effectively support our customer, we accept EX-Work factory price, FOB, CNF, CIF etc. trading items. And normally 50% deposit, the balance before shipment, of course, negotiable for old customers.

 D, Shipment: it is full supported by sea and by air, and by express by DHL, UPS, Fedex, SF etc. We have comprehensive shipping solution for our customers’ projects. Just let us know what support you need for the shipping, our shipping team will make a perfect shipping solution for you.


Three characteristics of lighting customization consumer group

 1, clear custom demand, they understand very clearly for your Style and decoration time process planning, the designer after communicating with the solutions are given very accurate and timely, truly a "made-to-measure". In this way, many after-sales problems can be avoided.

2. Stable customization requirements. Common household consumption group vulnerable to the impact of the external economic environment, but much more high-end consumer groups are relatively stable, in addition, national leading investment and lack of large engineering investment is still in full swing, this makes the lamp ACTS the role of custom segments smaller risk return is considerable.

3. High specification of lamps and lanterns is required. Different from the popular "DIY" customization nowadays, the customization of lamps and lanterns is more professional. It is aimed at the elite class. The demand of high specification decides the realization that the lamp ACTS the role of custom must have the strength strong stylist troop and the specialized manufacture supplier.


Design considerations for hotel lighting customization

(1) energy saving: as the major venues of the hotel conference center are basically in the whole indoor environment, there is basically no natural light entering, and the purpose of energy saving is achieved by flexible lighting and control mode. According to the importance of different regions and different scenes, different scene modes are set up, different lighting standards are established, and the cost of lamps and lanterns and electric power is reduced. Use minimum, most suitable lamps and lanterns to achieve the best effect.

(2) coordination: design different lighting according to the use function, keep all activities at ease, coordinate the lighting design and decoration design effect, and reflect the need of harmonious and unified hotel. Lighting effect and atmosphere construction, decoration style and hotel space needs to coordinate. Light source life and effect coordination.

(3) purposefulness: according to the decoration design, the interior special decoration, such as murals, works of art, green plants, waterscape and other key lighting. Enrich the design elements of humanistic connotation, use the light to shape the scene sketch, point out the design concept and theme.

(4) technology: in hotel lighting design, new lighting products, new lighting technologies and innovative design concepts can be adopted to reflect the characteristics and foresight of The Times. Flexible control, according to the hierarchical control mode, by scene or time to achieve intelligent control. To meet the requirements of various service functions of the hotel in accordance with relevant national technical standards and specifications.

(5) security: security is any space should not be ignored, the elements of the main reasons there are two key points: one is the safety of the personnel in the space, to ensure enough visibility, such as identify obstacles, warning colors, and moving objects; The other is to ensure the safety requirements of lighting equipment, such as heat dissipation, radiation, load bearing or electric spark, etc.

(6) green environmental protection: comprehensive consideration is given to the long life and high light efficiency products. Halogen light sources, fluorescence, LED and so on are selected in different functional areas as required. Prevent glare and light pollution.


General technical standards and requirements for custom made decorative lighting:

I. qualification requirements

1. Quality certification: the manufacturer has passed ISO9000 quality system certification, All or one of them: UL/CU/CCC/SASO standards approval.

2. Have done similar customized lighting projects.

3. Capable of providing after-sales and maintenance services.

Ii. Bidding scope of lamps and lanterns


(1) specification requirements

Unless otherwise specified, the lamps shall comply with the design requirements, drawings and relevant national, local and industrial standards, including but not limited to:

Technical conditions of gb13037-91 fixed general purpose lamps

Gb7000.1-2000 general safety requirements and testing of lamps

Gb7001-86 lamp housing protection grade classification

Gb7003-86 lamp plating, chemical covering layer

Technical conditions of gb13037-91 fixed general purpose lamps

Gb9797-88 metal covers nickel + chromium and copper + nickel + chrome electroplating

Electric light source QB/T2048-2061-94

GB/T 191 packaging storage and transportation icon

GB/T 903 colorless optical glass

Key technical requirements

1. Appearance and color: the lighting design shall be subject to the deepening drawings confirmed and signed by party a, and the color shall be subject to the confirmed color plate.

2. Crystal quality requirements (international standard) :

3. Requirements for electroplating components of lamps:

A. The main hardware components are made of high quality steel, high anti-corrosion standard, good electroplating adhesion, complete coating, fine and compact crystallization, and low porosity. Plating coating amount and coating thickness: level 4, coating amount/(300mg/dm2), coating thickness is greater than or equal to 86.

B. Gloss: highlights greater than or equal to 85%, half-light 51-84%, flat light 50-15%, matt less than 14%; Pencil hardness greater than 2H(no scratch);

C, product combined with the base metal is firm, should be no desoldering, virtual welding, welding wear, uniform weld, should be no burrs, sharp 掕, splash, crack, etc.;

4. Structural parts thickness:

A. meet drawings or related technical requirements;

B. Meet gb9797-88 "nickel + chromium metal covering layer and copper + nickel + chrome electroplating layer";

C. For nickel + chromium coatings, the thickness of nickel coatings shall not be less than 5um and the thickness of chromium coatings shall not be less than 0.3um for non-main surfaces (or low-potential surfaces);

D. For copper + nickel + chromium coatings, the thickness of copper and nickel coatings shall not be less than 5um in the coatings on non-main surfaces (or low-potential surfaces). The thickness of chrome plating shall not be less than 0.3um.

5. The thickness of chrome plating and nickel layer of screw fasteners:

A. meet drawings or related technical requirements;

B. Meet gb9797-88 metal cover nickel + chromium and copper + nickel + chrome electroplating layer gb5267-85 thread fasteners electroplating layer;

Six, metal alloy should be no rust, oxidation, blade, sharp 掕, fine surface, no crack, burr, shading, etc.;

7. The spray parts shall be smooth and even, with consistent color and color, and shall be free from defects such as hanging flow, knobs, wrinkled skin and flying paint;

8. The lamps are made of an internal foaming structure, with anti-loosening and anti-vibration lamp holder devices and corresponding anti-vibration measures. The case has a separate optical and electrical cavity. For installing light source and electrical accessories respectively. Compact, reasonable and convenient to use;

9. The color of the power cord, switch and plug of the lamp, refer to the color of the lamp body, and refer to the color of the hanging chain of the chandelier;

10. Light source, international famous brand: osram philips; The complete set is provided by the manufacturer for convenient maintenance and standardized management in the future.

11. Lamp cover material: according to the requirements of the design drawings, the fabric lamp cover framework is made of stainless steel with surface spraying. The lamp cover cloth is made of high quality silk and hemp fabric, which is fireproof and transparent. All of them are dustproof and flame retardant, and the joints of the lamp cover are firmly bonded, with consistent texture, no offset printing and no spare thread ends.

12. Performance description of lamps:

A. Rated working voltage: 220V (effective value);

B. Rated insulation voltage: 500V (effective value);

C. Rated frequency: 50HZ; Insulation resistors: over 500MQ;

D. Working environment of the lamp: -35

E. Dielectric strength: able to withstand the test voltage of 50HZ and 1500V (effective value) of ac for 1 minute, no breakdown or flashover phenomenon;

F, power factor: cos Ø ≧ 0.85;

G, prevent to get an electric shock category requirements: Ⅱ class, three-phase plug with ground port;

H. Lamps and lanterns electrical appliances (ballasts, triggers and capacitor insurance) are installed in lamps and lanterns;

13. The lamps shall draw CAD construction drawings, axial side drawings and large structural drawings, and submit them to the designer for signature and confirmation; The lamp body and lamp cover samples shall be provided with material samples which shall be signed and confirmed by the designer of party a;

14. The packaging, packaging marks and storage of lamps and lanterns shall comply with the provisions of SG388 or GB7004.

(3) materials needed to be provided when the customized lamps leave the factory

 factory licence;

 factory test report, the report should have factory test record;

 product certification;

 packing list;

 Design and technical liaison

Custom manufacturer of lamps and lanterns should have the lamps and lanterns of detailed design and engineering contact plan (including and interior decoration design company, the site of the project technical clarificaiton work on the installation of the unit, providing custom specification of lamps and lanterns use training and guidance, and has the perfect maintenance standards and after-sales service contact information and emergency contact.




Q1. Where is your hotel lighting factory? And what is your advantage on hotel lighting production?

 A: Our hotel lighting factory locates at zhongshan city, China. And the advantage, We have metal facility that can making cut, joint, polish craftworks etc, laser cutting workshop, lampshade factory, resin facility etc. and skilled craftsman and experienced designed engineers, who can make out the designer & architects ideas and supply shop drawings for hotel owner and designer to confirm the lighting details before production, as we are family lighting factories (one lighting producing group), our brothers & sisters all have been working together in lighting industry always.


Q2. How about your hotel lighting quality?

 A: We only use the high and stable quality material, including lampshade, metal and electroplating, electronic spare parts etc. All of our hotel lighting fixtures will be tested from raw material to half assembling until finishing products. Each product should pass all these QC procedures before shipping to customer. Our skilled craftsman all work in lighting production for more than 10 years. Meanwhile, we will give you 2 years quality warranty to show our confidence in quality. Some special order and new order, we will take photo for customer confirm and inspect before packing.


Q3. Do your have CE or UL , SASO certificate?

 A: The electrical parts of all of our hotel lighting fixtures have CE or UL , SASO certificate.


Q4. Could I customize hotel lighting that I like/need?

 A: We have our own designed engineer team, and could custom hotel lighting with different size, shape, color, or a new model. We have 10 years experience for residence and hotel lighting projects, and is willing to provide you a complete and professional proposal.


Q5.If any quality problem, how to deal with it?

 A: We will dispatch free spare parts or complete lamp for replacement.


Q6. Is it OK to supply samples/finish/mock-up?

 A: For high-end projects, mock-up is very important!!

We understand that and totally happy to support our customer on the quality samples/finish/mock-up.

If you are a designer for the project, just email us:

We both know that for custom made lighting, need more talks and undersand each other for your design and products request of the details.


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