Investigation and Analysis of the current situation of China's Hotel Market in 2018 and its Development trend report


Hotel is based on the ancient "Pavilion", "guest house" and "inn", along with the progress of human beings, the development of social economy, the development of science and culture, technology and transportation.With the development of modern society and economy, the tourism and commerce of the world are flourishing, the hotel industry is developing rapidly, and it is more and more luxurious and modern.In recent years, the hotel industry in China has developed rapidly, which mainly benefits from the continuous improvement of the hotel industry's own services and the development of the tourism industry, which promotes the expansion of the market demand of the hotel industry.High-star hotels, involving accommodation, catering and meetings, have been under unprecedented pressure for the past few years, which has led to a gradual return to rationality in the hotel industry.At the same time, national brand hotels continue to emerge, foreign luxury brands have been stationed in succession, the development of Chinese hotel industry is gradually maturing in the competition between foreign capital and local.In the first quarter of this year, the total operating income of 11282 star hotels in the whole country was 51.411 billion yuan, of which the catering revenue was 20.981 billion yuan, accounting for 40.81 percent of the operating income, while the room income was 24.117 billion yuan, accounting for 46.91 percent of the operating income.According to the survey and analysis of the current situation of China's hotel market in 2018 released by China Market report Network and its development trend report, with the rapid development of tourism in China, the demand for Chillout Resort will also increase exponentially.China's hotel industry has a bright future.Under the background of China's economic transformation and consumption upgrading, the next few years will still be the golden period for the hotel industry to accelerate its development.Access to and aggregation of channel data through more than 60 investigative and cooperating agencies and international cooperation agencies throughout the countryBased on the official statistics of the Bureau of Statistics, the tax Bureau, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, etc.Collate the data in the industry periodical databasePublic data published by industry associations, research institutes, universities, industry experts, etc.Research results of the Department of ResearchSurvey data in the form of telephone communication and interviewsInvestigation and Analysis of the current situation of China's Hotel Market and its Development trend report in 2018. According to the authoritative data of the national authoritative organizations and hotel associations, and the environment in which the hotel industry is developing, from theory to practice,From macro to micro-point of view to the hotel industry research and analysis.Investigation and Analysis of the current situation of China's Hotel Market and its Development trend report in 2018. The contents are rigorous and the data are full and solid. Through the help of a large number of intuitionistic charts and graphs, the hotel industry enterprises can accurately grasp the development trend of the hotel industry.Correctly formulate enterprise development strategy and investment strategy.The current situation and trend report of China Hotel Market in 2018 released by China Market report Network is a hotel industry enterprise, relevant investment companies and government departments accurately grasp the development trend of the hotel industry, insight into the competition pattern of the hotel industry.To avoid the risk of management and investment, to make the correct competition and investment strategy decision-making is one of the important decision basis.