The hotel engineering lamps and lanterns customizing attention to which factors.
For star hotels, the selection and demand of hotel lighting is different from that of other lighting fixtures. Zhongshan juncheng lighting manufacturer reminds you of the characteristics and requirements of the hotel. There are several major considerations. This is the key point that we need to pay attention to when we are designing the lighting design of the hotel.
1. Timeliness: the durable general star hotel, about five years for a small renovation and renovation, about 10 years for a major renovation. In other words, the life of lamps and lanterns should have at least 10 years or above, can satisfy the requirement of star hotel. Because general small maintenance is not to change lamps and lanterns, the scope of human resources involved is too big. This means that in the selection of lamps and lanterns, the most heat and pressure of the luminaire, including reflective cup cover, heat sink components and fixed (positioning) components, quality is very important.
2. Flexibility: the light source used in a typical star hotel has a life expectancy of about 2000 to 4000 hours. So 10 years lamps and lanterns will ask to change a few times of light source. The number of star hotel lamps and lanterns is over 10,000, so changing light source is also involved in very large human resources, so the flexibility of the lamp is another consideration. And the most ideal lamps and lanterns type is the fixed (locating) component that does not need to pull the lamps and lanterns, can be able to unload the light source. In addition to saving time, it also provides a positive protection for interior decoration.
3. Detail modeling: this includes all aspects of the lamp itself. With average day cylinder lamps as example, its supporting cup (trim) the quality of spraying (how is metal, the surface quality), the smooth degree of reflective cup (so frosted reflective cup, sandblast evenness), when lamps and lanterns is installed in the ceiling, and smallpox surface gypsum board/wood veneer joint tightness (ever light-leaking), and other details, we all need to be noticed. There is also a point, need to be mentioned incidentally, besides hardware (lamps and lanterns), installation worker (craft) also is crucial, decorate a respect to want to make sure the lamps and lanterns is installed with proper installation method.
4. Cast light index: Cutoff Angle of lamps, influence of glare, how the light source is collected, the elasticity of projection of luminaire, the degree of expansion of accessories, etc., all affect the selection of lamps and lanterns. Especially in terms of parts of scalability, considered to be very thorough, because the control index of the cast light on the "cast light Angle", "color/color calibration", "glare prevention", "/ accurate projection lighting" most is to rely on these parts to build the overall atmosphere.