Explore the historic meeting place of the leaders of the DPRK and the us - Singapore Capella hotel

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According to foreign media reports, the venue of the meeting also emerged after the timing of the meeting was first determined. US President Donald trump and north Korean leader Kim jong UN will meet at Singapore's Capella hotel, White House spokesman sanders said Wednesday. Sources said security was a top priority for the north and that the hotel had good privacy. Singapore's national security researcher rahman said yesterday: "separation due to the main island of Singapore, pelletier hotel can act as a virtual wall, blocking the security threat against u.s.-north Korea summit meeting."

On the morning of June 12, local time, north Korea's supreme leader Kim jong UN and U.S. President Donald trump held their first meeting in Singapore's Capella hotel, shaking hands. It was the first meeting and handshake between a sitting north Korean and us leader in decades.

US President Donald trump and north Korea's supreme leader, Kim jong UN, met this morning in a historic outdoor courtyard on the third floor of the Capella hotel, Singapore's lianhe zaobao newspaper reported. The two leaders will enter from left to right and shake hands in the center of the courtyard. They will then head to the library and Cassia restaurant on the second floor of the hotel for bilateral meetings and working lunches.

Singapore's capella opened in 2009 with a building designed by British architect Norman Foster. In appearance, the huge white columns and blinds were colonial in the 19th century. The 30-acre hotel, surrounded by lush tropical rain forest, offers a stunning view of the south China sea.

Capella hotel

Sentosa was originally a small fishing village, which was ruled by the British during world war ii and became a British naval base. Britain returned the island to the Singapore government in 1967. The picturesque island of sentosa is a famous golf resort, with its lush sandy beaches and elegant Singapore hotel.

Created by Foster + Partners, Singapore's capella has successfully integrated colonial architecture with contemporary aesthetics. The arc of modern architecture and colonial architecture is a blend of the old and the new, hidden in the 30-acre verdant hills known as "Singapore's paradise beyond the world". The white colonial architecture stands in the center of a vast space, with two modern wing buildings with ornate guest rooms.

As an immigrant country, Singapore has a diverse cultural background, and the five-star hotel has become a symbol of the integration of eastern and western cultures. With refined grayish brown as the main fundamental key, adorn with the artistic adornment of full Asian amorous feelings, have contemporary feeling extremely.

Delta Knolls restaurant

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At the Knolls restaurant at Singapore's capella hotel, you can enjoy a refreshing Mediterranean meal in a private seaside setting. Knolls restaurant provides a variety of breakfast, pure Mediterranean flavor menu for lunch and dinner, guests can enjoy leisurely afternoon tea, on the balcony side revelled in the swimming pool reflection of beauty and the magnificence of the vast south China sea scenery.

Entertainment Chinese restaurant

The restaurant is designed by Mr. Hou min, a famous designer in Hong Kong, who is responsible for the interior design. He tries to transform the colonial style of the 1880s into a modern and fashionable modern style, making the restaurant more elegant and private. Caja's private dining box has an outdoor terrace with verdant garden views and views of the city. Guests can enjoy high-end Chinese food at kaijia Chinese restaurant.

Delta Bob bar

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Echoing the classic charm of Singapore's capella with Havana nostalgia, Bob bar presents a pure Cuban flavor bar.

Hotel rooms

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The hotel has 112 rooms, including 31 77 square meters of the supreme garden rooms, 26, 77 - square - meter supreme seascape rooms, 4, 77 - square - meter constellation rooms, 7, 86 square meters of sentosa suites, 4, 100 square meters of jia pelletier suites, 31, 133 square meters of single bedroom garden vacation homes, four 133 - square - meter single bedroom Palawan vacation homes, 3 188 square meters of double bedrooms garden vacation homes, 5, 398 square meters of modern estate and 2 436 square meters of colonial style manor. The colonial architecture of the hotel dates back to the 1880s and is a feature of the hotel.

Inclusive Colonial Manor presidential suite

Is the most luxurious hotel guest room called "Colonial mansion" (Colonial Manor) presidential suite, are detached two-storey, also is the historical preservation building 4-1 in the hotel, with a total area of 436 square meters. Each suite has three separate bathroom bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room and a study, as well as a private swimming pool and private garden.

About capella hotel group:

Headquartered in Singapore, capella hotels group has offices in the americas and Europe, providing hotel management services around the world in three different operating modes. Three different operating modes are as follows:

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About Foster and Partners:

Foster building is an international construction, planning and design firm. Foster's is based in London, England, with Sir Foster, the firm's chairman, and four partners. The director of the firm is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the firm. Forster architecture has won more than 280 awards and won more than 50 domestic and international design competitions due to its outstanding performance in such fields as architectural design.

Foster's design products include city planning, building design, product design, exhibition and so on. Products ranging from the world's largest architectural design - Hong Kong's new airport, to a small furniture door.

The forster institute of architecture has a good reputation in the world. Its representative works include: the new German parliament building (Berlin); Great Britain museum hall (London); HSBC's Hong Kong and London headquarters; Headquarters of Commerzbank (Frankfurt); Gary arts centre (nimes); Stanford university's sainsbury center for visual arts (Norwich). Forster architecture office also has good attainments in urban planning and design.

As chairman of the firm, Norman foster has spent years giving lectures on architectural design around the world and teaching in the United States and the United Kingdom. He was vice President of the London institute of architects, a member of the council of the royal college of arts, a member of the education council of the royal college of architecture, and an examiner.

Norman foster because of its outstanding achievements in the field of architecture, in 1990, was conferred a knight, 1997 queen is included in the list of outstanding people, life peer honor, in 1999 and became the Lord of the river Thames. Foster also awarded by the queen of England "royal industrial building designer", "outstanding designer association", the royal institute of technology honorary academician, the royal school of architecture, and the American association of architects gold medal of honor. In 1999, foster won the 21st Pulitzer prize for architecture. In 2002, he won the "AugustePerret" award and "PraemiumImperiale" award from the international architecture federation, and was listed as "Pourlemerite" in the list of outstanding figures in the field of science and art. Foster's overseas projects were also awarded the queen's award.

Foster Associates, as Foster's was called when it left the building company's fourth team in 1967, changed its name in the 1990s to reflect more accurately the influence of other architects.

In 2007 3i, a private equity firm, took a stake in the practice. The shares were repurchased by the practice in June 2014, and became wholly owned by 140 partners.

Representative works include: German new parliament building (Berlin); Great Britain museum hall (London); HSBC's Hong Kong and London headquarters; Headquarters of Commerzbank (Frankfurt); Gary arts centre (nimes); Stanford university's sainsbury center for visual arts (Norwich). Forster architecture office also has good attainments in urban planning and design.